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Do You Know Estrogen
Declines as Women Age?


Estrogen is an important hormone with regulates sexual function
but decreases as women age. FemiWave can help.


Why Choose FemiWave?


Women in all stages of life can benefit from FemiWave.
This revolutionary procedure uses low-intensity sound waves to improve sexual function and perfomance by increasing sensation, natural lubrication, helping eliminate urinary incontinence, improving elasticity and tightening.

  • Drug & Laser Free
  • Simple In-office Procedure
  • No Downtime
  • Noninvasive
  • Long-lasting Results
  • No Risks or Side Effects


5 Reasons Why You’ll Love FemiWave

“My husband doesn’t know I am having FemiWave treatments, but he does notice a huge difference during sex. He is so pleased with my increased desired to have sex.”

Renee R.

“My sexual warmup time is now cut in half.
My husband always looks forward to my FemiWave treatment.”

Melissa R.

“FemiWave is saving my marriage and my self-esteem and lets me engage in more pleasant sexual activity.
I have no more pain and orgasms seem to last a lot longer.”

Natalie T.

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