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About Susan Bratton

“Intimacy Expert to Millions💋” Flashes of brilliance pop like paparazzi as Susan rolls out one relationship epiphany after another. When she describes how love and intimacy can transcend what media portrays, you see the path to more intimacy and pleasure than you’ve been getting. Whether you enter Susan’s world through a sexual health problem you need to …

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Does COVid compromise women’s sexual health?

Over the past year, while scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook or TikTok timeline(s), you may have come across rather intriguing posts revolving around COVID-19 negative side effects affecting men’s bedroom performance issues. But… what about women? Are women immune to the long-lasting negative side effects of COVID19 that are reaping havoc on men’s sexual health …

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Vaginal Rejuvenation – Dr. Kanwal Bawa

Vaginal Rejuvenation  Dr. Kanwal Bawa talks about sexual health and wellness, particularly vaginal rejuvenation, to improve relationships and the sexual experience. Known as ‘Dr. Sex Fairy’ due to her patients’ incredible sexual wellness success stories, Dr. Bawa reveals to us what’s in her fairy dust.  How important is the female orgasm?  Unfortunately, many women assume that they cannot …

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