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Does COVid compromise women’s sexual health?

Over the past year, while scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook or TikTok timeline(s), you may have come across rather intriguing posts revolving around COVID-19 negative side effects affecting men’s bedroom performance issues.

But… what about women?
Are women immune to the long-lasting negative side effects of COVID19 that are reaping havoc on men’s sexual health by leading to erectile dysfunction? According to experts, the answer is no.

If Covid damages a woman’s genital blood supply and erectile tissue, it will not swell during intimacy. When the engorgement or swelling of the clitoral blood tissue is compromised, fewer pleasure signals reach her brain. Fewer cues potentially mean more difficulty reaching orgasm.” – Susan Bratton, Intimacy Expert to Millions.

Playboy recently interviewed Intimacy Expert , Susan Bratton to learn more about what may happen to both men and women after COVID19 infection and what that means for bedroom fun.

If you’ve caught the bug or your significant other has, this interview will shed light on a ton of information that you may not yet be privy too.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

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