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Self Care Resolutions For 2022 ft. Dr. Melanie Icard

New Year, New You, Right?
Despite it being a very tough year for virtually everyone across the globe, there is a bit of silver lining. One of the most important things we learned was how important staying healthy is. This video sheds light on essential yet straightforward things you can do to start this new year off right!

About Dr. Melanie Icard – Naturopathic Medical Doctor: 

Dr. Melanie Icard has been in the medical field within the hospital setting for over ten years. Dr. Icard is fluent in English and speaks some Spanish. She specializes in anti-aging medicine, natural pain management and reversal, natural and traditional aesthetics, ozone therapy, and mind-body medicine. She has extensive training in biological medicine, Prolotherapy & PRP, aesthetics, and ozone therapy.

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