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[Wellness Mama Podcast] Sexual Biohacking & Overcoming Cancer ft. Dr. Kanwal Bawa

The Wellness Mama Podcast is one of the top 10 podcasts for women! And in this episode, one of our very own providers, Dr. Kanwal Bawa was invited to share new helpful information that women can use to take control of their sexual health. During this empowering episode, women can learn about how they can adjust their mindset to conquer even the deadliest illnesses like Cancer, how to revitalize their sexual wellness with the latest therapies and through simple at-home remedies and so much more. We encourage you to stream the episode below 🙂

Episode Highlights:

  • Her amazing story of cancer diagnosis and recovery
  • How she was misdiagnosed for three years before receiving a breast cancer diagnosis
  • The importance of advocating for ourselves in medical care
  • Why she joined a beauty pageant shortly after cancer and did it without a wig or covering her scars
  • Why mindset was everything for her in recovery
  • The reason she thinks sexual health is so important and how she helps her patients support it
  • The results her patients see from sexual rejuvenation
  • Why 20% of men in their 20s suffer from ED
  • The reason sleep issues in men is causing a drop in important hormones
  • Why sleep and hydration are critical for health, hormones and fertility
  • The reason many women have trouble with orgasms and why only 18% of women can orgasm from penetrative sex
  • How bloodflow comes into play in orgasm and sexual health
  • Her own story of overcoming adversity in several areas
  • Two pieces of advice: do monthly breast exams and get tested, and be an advocate for yourself

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