Dr. Alvaro J Ocampo - FemiWave

Dr. Alvaro J. Ocampo is an accomplished physician who specializes in pathology, environmental medicine, as well as hormone therapy and anti-aging.

He is a versatile doctor with training from multiple prestigious universities in a variety of fields, including pathology and anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Ocampo attended medical school at the Columbia State Medical School in Montreal, Canada. From there he went on to study the environmental toxicological effects of pollution at the University of Southern California, where he was a research scholar on the subject. Dr. Ocampo then went on to become an occupational fellow in environmental medicine at UC San Francisco, and subsequently earned his Masters in Environmental Medicine from UC Berkeley.

Dr. Ocampo became a medical officer for the U.S. Public Health Service and C.D.C. in Atlanta, Georgia, where he worked in the Epidemic Intelligence Services department.

He went on from there to work for the National Institute for Occupational Health as an Epidemic Intelligence medical officer.

Here he performed field investigations for the NIOSH for the purpose of occupational safety and health research.

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